Trump Was Targeted?

I agree with Officer Tatum.  The entire Trump family and administration catching the WuFlu at the same time smells like a targeted assassination attempt.


Resist the Mainstream reports:

Some Internet sleuths claim Biden was wired last night and they believe they have proof.

Before last night’s debate the Biden team disagreed to drug testing and being checked for ear plugs and other mechanical devices.

FOX News Reporters confirmed reports that Biden did not want to be checked for wires before the debate and said they would have to keep an eye on this:

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Trump Nominated for Nobel Peace Prize for Third Time

I’m not kidding.  He really did just get nominated again. Townhall reports: A group of Australian law professors have given President Trump his third Nobel Peace Prize nomination for his commitment to ending foreign wars. “The Trump Doctrine is something extraordinary, as so many things that Donald Trump does,” law professor David Flint explained on Sky News.…

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