We Welcome the Year of the Checkpoint

haahahha where to begin with this one.

The st helena star reports:

Clearly, something must be done.

State government has started.

Last week state traffic safety officials announced plans to tighten their grip on drunk drivers and declared 2010 “The Year of the Checkpoint.”

Plans are to send a record $8 million in grant funding to 148 law enforcement agencies for DUI checkpoints – up from $5 million in 2009.

The California Office of Traffic Safety (OTS) will fund more than 2,500 sobriety checkpoints in 2010, a 47 percent increase over the 1,700 conducted this year.

After first bashing us with a littany of facts declaring how evil drunk driving is, they then proceed to inform us that a totalitarian East Germany style system of Stazi para-military checkpoints is the obvious solution to Amerika’s drunk driving problems.

While obviously I don’t condone drunk driving, I also don’t condone Soviet blockades, outrageous fines and prison sentences as a way to deal with it.

Laws are what politicians do to when a problem has no good solution.  They make a law saying you can’t murder people.  Well guess what?  Criminals don’t care about the law.  Murder has not been eliminated because some guy in a suit declared it is against the law.  Making a law against drunk driving does nothing to actually reduce drunk driving.

Of course, we should have laws that punish murders.  They violated a persons right to life.  Drunk drivers on the other hand typically hurt no one.  If a person injures or kills someone while driving drunk, they should be punished if they are at fault, but the way we deal with them now is completely ineffective.  In fact it can be argued our drunk driving laws are bankrupting the middle class.

Think about how much money it will cost for these Stazi para-military East German style roadblocks.  Think about the legal fees, the police pay, the judges salary, the court costs, the incarceration fees, etc.. etc.. for each one of those violations.

Could that money be put to better use actually doing something that would reduce the number of people drinking and driving on a given night?

How about a law that lets you sleep in your car until your sober.

How about removing the artificial closing times of bars so people can hang out and sober up after they get done drinking instead of forcing all the drunks out on the road at the same time so the cops can play wack-a-mole.

How about a law that lets people take their drinks home so they don’t have slam them in the bar.

How about a law that compensates bars who give free softdrinks to designated drivers. (you don’t even need a law for this one, just threaten to end the government contracts coca-cola has if they don’t give the bars free drinks for this program) .  In fact, compensating the bar owners by giving them a tax credit for each DD they serve would have bar owners out in droves self-promoting such a program.

I mean come on, this is a joke.

btw, "We Welcome the Year of the Checkpoint" is a direct quote from that article.  I kid you not.

Only in Kalifornia is supreme fascist totalitarianism so welcomed and demanded.


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