Panty Bomber Had No Passport – And An Accomplice

Praise Mao

Watch as eye witnesses describe a well dressed Indian man escort the panty bomber past security without a passport claiming he was from Sudan and they did this all the time.

Turns out the panty bombers dad is a rich banker, who supposedly reported his own teenaged son to the authorities because he suspected him of being a radical terrist.  Supposedly this kid was on some terrist list.  – excuse me while I LOL.

Other witnesses report a man video taped the entire debacle on the plane calmly while chaos ensued.

Of course, there’s no way this could be a setup or some kind of staged event.

I mean there’s only 5.3 trillion media sources hyping this event like the third coming of the Christ.

It also goes without saying that we must give up all our liberties in order to save ourselves from future panty bombers.

The God King has declared  “We shall not rest until all the browns have been eradicated from the middle east and the twelfth imam has been destroyed.  Hail Pelosi.  Yemen shall burn.”

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