Socialism Creates Monopolies, Capitalism Destroys Them

Debate thread:

Originally posted by rusethorcain

Capitalism creates a lot of junk we don’t need, huge demands for pornography and drugs and not enough food, housing and heat to go around. Somebody has to look at the big picture or we will all be freezing our butts off eating Cheetos, drinking beer and watching porn until our eyes fall out. If you give rats cocaine they will continue eating it until they eventually die. Sorry to say…we are like those rats. Greater, balanced and more reasonable decisions must prevail or Capitalism is going to kill us.

Dude, its posts like yours that make my day. Lets dump capitalism for a system of totalitarian socialism because we are all going to get fat on cheetos unless there is a supreme dictator here to beat us into shape.

Praise Stalin.

I seriously think this country is fucking done.

  • ionbeam7

    When did, “Lets stop supporting the capitalist means of production,” become, “Praise Stalin?” That’s just simply jumping to conclusions. There are more moderate forms of Socialism than just complete authoritarian communism. But yes I agree with you, this guy is seriously mentally handicapped if he thinks that the Capitalist mode of production is going to end up with everyone having nothing to eat but fast food and processed alcoholic drinks.