Pedos Vie For TSA Screening Positions

As I reported earlier, the panty bomber has prompted America to demand images of nude children be viewed daily by government employed pedos and other perverts.

Sen. Lieberman, chairman of the Senate Homeland Security and Governmental Affairs Committee, speaks:

Senator Joe Lieberman, a Connecticut independent, called for more widespread use of the full-body scanners after the aborted attack. “We were very lucky this time but we may not be so lucky next time, which is why our defenses must be strengthened,”

Lieberman went on to say:

“There have been privacy concerns expressed about the use of these whole body-imaging devices, but I think those privacy concerns, which are, frankly, mild, have to fall in the face of the ability of these machines to detect material like this,” Lieberman said on “Fox News Sunday” on Dec. 27.

Lieberman added:

“Your children should have no expectation of privacy.   The federal government is run by crooks and pedophiles.  I personally find it ridiculous that the government doesn’t have the ability to view naked images of your children constantly.  With the installation of these devices, we can provide gainful employment to thousands of perverts nationwide, thus keeping them off the streets and out of your homes and playgrounds.

You don’t want pedos in your playgrounds do you?  With the new jobs these devices will bring, we can ensure all of the nations pedos are carefully monitored and employed.”

Lieberman also demanded millions upon millions be handed out to his fascist corporate handlers:

Companies such as OSI Systems Inc., Smiths Group Plc, Safran SA and L-3 Communications Holdings Inc. may benefit from any requirement that airports get more security equipment. London-based Smiths is the world’s biggest maker of airport scanners. Safran, based in Paris, is the world leader in biometric technologies, such as fingerprint scanners. New York- based L-3 also makes scanners for airport use.

Its important to understand the web of finance that runs our military industrial complex.

Why is the “pro-Israel lobby” giving millions to Lieberman anyways?  What are they expecting to gain from these donations?  What the hell is a pro-Israel lobby?

I have a good idea just who might represent this “pro-Israel” lobby.

Note the major shareholders of L3:

Holder Shares Reported
WASHKOWITZ ALAN H 67,957 15-Dec-09
MILLARD ROBERT B 93,853 15-Dec-09
STRIANESE MICHAEL T 79,843 28-Jul-09
BRUNSON CURTIS 36,324 28-Jul-09
RISCASSI ROBERT W 15,549 2-Aug-09

Those clowns are former Lehman Bros. owners.   Millard is major player in the Population Council, along with Justin Rockefeller, whose entire agenda revolves around population reduction and eugenics.  By the way, Lehman was Lieberman’s 6th largest donor last cycle.  Little wonder L3 is raking in the government contracts.

Look at the major institutional owners:

Holder Shares % Out Value* Reported
Clearbridge Advisors, LLC 7,817,025 6.73 $627,863,448 30-Sep-09
Barclays Global Investors UK Holdings Ltd 4,799,530 4.13 $385,498,249 30-Sep-09
Bank of New York Mellon Corporation 4,223,272 3.63 $339,213,207 30-Sep-09
VANGUARD GROUP, INC. (THE) 4,100,816 3.53 $329,377,541 30-Sep-09
AXA 3,787,668 3.26 $304,225,493 30-Sep-09
STATE STREET CORPORATION 3,725,033 3.21 $299,194,650 30-Sep-09
BARROW, HANLEY MEWHINNEY & STRAUSS, INC. 3,180,225 2.74 $255,435,672 30-Sep-09
HARRIS ASSOCIATES L.P. 3,090,200 2.66 $248,204,864 30-Sep-09
PZENA INVESTMENT MANAGEMENT, LLC 2,957,206 2.54 $237,522,785 30-Sep-09
MORGAN STANLEY 1,951,968 1.68 $156,782,069 30-Sep-09

Clearbridge is owned by Legg Mason, which was formerly Citigroup’s asset management division.  Obviously I don’t need to detail what Barclays and New York Mellon are and who their major players represent.

L3 is a major defense contractor for Israeli defense forces, along with being their primary airport scanning equipment supplier.  L3 was owned by Lehman Bros. prior to their purchase by Barclays. L3 owns SafeView, which is the company that makes the naked body scanners.

So to break it down, SafeView is owned by L3,  which was formerly owned by Lehman, which is now “owned” by Barclays / New York Mellon and Legg Mason (formerly Citigroup).  Those three banks control around 16% of the stock.  The Lehman was a huge donor to Lieberman, the owners of which stand to make a tidy profit should L3 be awarded a massive contract for naked body scanners.

L3 is just the most blatant one out there, rest assured all the other players Bloomberg mentioned are also tied in.

Pricoa Capital is a major investor in Smiths Group, which is owned by Prudential.   Interesting fact about Prudential:

On August 1, 2004, the U.S. Office of Homeland Security announced the discovery of terrorist threats against the Prudential Financial headquarters in Newark, New Jersey, prompting large-scale security measures such as concrete barriers and internal security changes such as X-ray machines[4].

This is simply one gigantic big banking bonanza.

Indirectly, a major government contract for scanning equipment will benefit the major banks.

Think the major banks might play a role in the “pro-Israel” lobby that’s dumping millions in to Lieberman’s campaign coffers?

Gee, I wonder.

3000 individual donors contributing 10 million in one year to the campaigns of a relatively small group of politicians, averaging 3300 per donor.   The biggest recipient?  Lieberman.

More on AIPAC.  Just Google them to find out what they are all about.  A bunch of warmongering fascists the lot of them.  Think Lieberman would be pushing so hard for war and a police state if it wasn’t in his biggest donors best interests?  This guy is a one man warmongering army.

Follow the money.

Of course, Lieberman just happens to be the head of the Homeland Security Committee.  If I was a war profiteering banker, I would certainly put Joe at the top of my donations list.   I wonder how he got that committee chairman seat?  It’s important to note the lack of military industrial donors to Lieberman.   Considering his position as head of the Homeland Security Committee you’d figure he would be raking in tons of cash from them, but he’s not.  It all comes from banking and pro-Israel lobby groups.   The reason for this is simple if you look at who owns the complex.

Check out GE’s major holders – oh surprise, surprise, its Barclays and New York Mellon!

AIPAC was also involved in the Jane Harman scandal, where by they attempted to install her as the head of the Intelligence Committee.  This took place under direction of an Israeli intelligence agent.  So here we have direct ties between AIPAC and the Israeli government, notably their much vaunted intelligence agency.  That investigation was shut down by Gonzalez because he needed Harman’s support for the Bush illegal wiretapping program.

Think the “pro-Israel” lobby group has nothing to do with keeping Israel free and everything to do with promoting unhinged war in the middle east for profit?  I’d wager a big yes on that one.  Think the financial sector has a massive incentive to push a police state and more war?  You bet they do.

I personally think the “pro-Israel” lobby group is a front group for major banking and military contractors.  What a great way to hide their influence.  If you criticize them, you’re an anti-Semite that must support Muslim extremists.

Its also clear that the “pro-Israel” lobby group is involved in Israeli intelligence.  This is highly disturbing considering their enormous influence on Washington politics.  There have already been charges of intel leaks to AIPAC which made their way to the Mossad.

Leon Panetta’s (who is a member of the NYSE’s board) appointment to the CIA starts to become very clear when you see who’s involved in investigating intel leaks and insider corruption charges.   We already know Rahm is Obama’s handler, so nothing new there.  But this all puts that appointment into focus as well.