Lord God Bernanke Declares Interest Rates May Go UP

Because he is the holy father, spirit, and the Christ all rolled into one; therefore, he has the power to simply declare what rates will be.

Its not like a market to adjust interest rates on the fly and eliminate all the crazy bubbles we’ve been having could do it! – oh no no no!

We need an all knowing Christ Savior named Bernanke to declare what rates should be!

Markets are too dumb to understand interest rates!

By the way – no fucking way in living hell will Bernanke raise rates.



We will continue on with zero percent interest rates while the international banks rake in MASSIVE profits from a gigantic carry trade that allows them to suck up wealth like a shop-vac for doing absolutely nothing.

You see, little people like you and me get fucked in the ass with 30% credit card rates, while the banks borrow money interest free from the fed, then lend it out to foreign banks and collect the interest.

Of course, that bloated interest is ultimately your money and my money because it devalues our currency and is created out of nothing.

But you’re to god damn dumb to understand that.