The GOP Is Broke


Serves you right you treasonous scum.

May be now you’ll start acting like conservatives are supposed to act instead of tripling the size of government, expanding its power in all areas of our lives, and setting the stage for the biggest financial disaster in the history of man.

Fox News reports:

The National Republican Congressional Committee, the financial arm for GOP House campaigns, has raised less than a third as much money as its Democratic counterpart and ended 2009 with barely enough money to fully finance a single House race, Politico reported Sunday.

Despite evidence of solid opportunities in at least 40 districts this year, Republican incumbents have donated well below expectations, GOP strategists told Politico.

In the past three months, only 75 of 177 Republicans transferred money into the committee, banking $2.1 million, according to Politico. The average donation was just $28,000, with only 11 members donating $50,000 or more during that period.

The Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee, by contrast, raised nearly $4 million from 90 0f its members — with 35 House Democrats forking over at least $50,000.

Perhaps if you weren’t out ruining the economy by bailing out insolvent banks, people would be rich enough to donate money to your party.

Douche bags.