Interpol Granted Near Total Immunity

Basically Interpol agents can come on US soil and do just about anything they like shy of murder and not be prosecuted for it.

Confiscate land and not pay property taxes?  OK!

Search and seize without warrants?  OK!

No notice to our government they are operating here? OK!

Automatic immunity from FOIA requests, no reporting on activities, no notice to anyone about anything?  OK!

Praise Stalin.

We need a real security force that can “get tough” with real terrorists like gun owners, veterans, and tea party protesters.   Only foreign agents will do.  Our own agents might feel a twinge of conscience over violating so many aspects of the constitution – and we can’t have that now.

This article on Rense breaks down the order.

Total unhinged tyranny.  This is what banana republic dictators do to control their populations.  They bring in foreign shock troops that are willing to suppress the populace and are immune from national laws.

I’m personally excited about being dragged off by foreign agents to be beaten and abused in CIA torture camps.