Help A Neighbor? GO TO JAIL!!!

A citizen recently attempted to help a neighbor install a generator during a massive blizzard in NH.

In the course of installing the generator, he mistakenly set it up to feed back into the city’s power grid.

The city states he put at least one person at risk because of this.

Subsequently he has been charged with a class B felony for reckless endangerment and faces 7 years in prison.

Praise Mao

Stalin also felt the need to comment from hell and delivered this statement through Barack Obama’s teleprompter:

Today is a glorious day for the Peoples Republic Of Amerika!  For today, we end personal initiative and communities helping themselves.  Only the State may help its citizens through properly licensed bureaucrats!

This man must be punished at all costs, preferably shot in the back of the head with a 2 cent bullet like the Chinese do, in order to set an example of what happens when citizens try to help their neighbors.  This kind of infringement on State authority must not be tolerated!

A rally is being planned in support, however he will not attend because he’s afraid he might get arrested for attending. 

Land of the free, home of the enslaved.