Family shut out of their 'dream home'

by Romanian squatters who moved in over Christmas


The UK’s total and complete lack of respect for property rights can be summed up by this outrageous story.

With the building works nearly over, Julian and Samantha Mosedale and their three children were looking forward to moving back into the home of their dreams.

But their hopes have turned into a nightmare because a group of Romanians occupied the property over Christmas.

To add insult to injury, police told them that they were being ‘racist’ for questioning the squatters’ right to live in Britain on benefits.

The unwanted guests have changed the locks at the three-bedroom terrace house and moved in their own furniture.

The Mosedale’s are worried that a long drawn out legal battle will bankrupt them; which of course will put them out of their home permanently.

ACORN be praised.

Clearly these racist pigs deserved to be thrown out of their own home and then called racists by the police after attempting to get the squatters removed!

Its fun to think about how this would go down in Texas.

Mao would be displeased.