You're A Sharecropping Serf

When government puts a gun to your head because you didn’t pay your rent, we have lost the definition of private property in Amerika.

Mises explains (more at link):

Most social problems which perplex national leaders could be solved fairly simply by an increase in the amount and type of property owned. This would entail the equally important, general recognition that ownership is and must be total, rather than merely a governmental permission to possess and/or manage property so long as certain legal rules are complied with and “rent” in the form of property taxes is paid. When a man is required to “rent” his own property from the government by paying property taxes on it, he is being forbidden to fully exercise his right of ownership. Although he owns the property, he is forced into the position of a lessee, with the government the landlord.

The proof of this is that if he fails to pay the taxes the government will take his property away from him (even though it is his property and not the government’s), just as a landlord would kick out a tenant who failed to pay the rent. Similarly, if a man must comply with laws dictating the use or upkeep of his property (or any other rule except that of not using the property to initiate force or fraud against others), he is being forbidden to fully exercise his right of ownership.

Because a man must use his time — which is part of his life — to acquire, utilize, and care for property, he has a right to own and control that property fully, just as he has a right to fully own and control his life (so long as he doesn’t use it to coerce any other man). Any form of property tax or regulation denies the individual’s right to fully control his own property and, therefore, his own life. For this reason, taxation and regulation of property is always wrong — taxation is theft and regulation by initiated force is slavery.

is right to call it slavery.  You don’t own that land, the government does!  And you better maintain it as the government sees fit or else!

Try to build an oil well on your land, try to build a gold mine on your land, try to farm your land, try to do ANYTHING with your land without seeking government approval first and watch what happens.

You have no say over your own land.  You must pay rent to your fascist overlords, and if you fail to maintain it as they see fit, they will fine you until you can no longer afford to live there.  Refuse to pay, and you’ll be greeted by some nice men that will point guns at your head.

“Landlords, like all other men, love to reap where they never sowed.” – Karl Marx

For once Marx was right, the government certainly loves to reap where it has never sowed.