Harvard: Guns Are Good

Harvard Journal of Law & Public Policy saw fit to publish this report written by Don B. Kates and Gary Mauser:

The results discussed earlier contradict those expectations. On the one hand, despite constant and substantially increasing gun ownership, the United States saw progressive and dramatic reductions in criminal violence in the 1990s. On the other hand, the same time period in the United Kingdom saw a constant and dramatic increase in violent crime to which England’s response was ever more drastic gun control including, eventually, banning and confiscating all handguns and many types of long guns.22 Nevertheless, criminal violence rampantly increased so that by 2000 England surpassed the United States to become one of the developed world’s most violence ridden nations.

The report lays out how gun laws are essentially worthless in preventing violent deaths.

It doesn’t take a couple of doctors writing research papers to come to this conclusion.  Common sense tells you that a criminal intent on killing someone isn’t going to give a flying crap about gun laws.  The report shows that the tighter the gun controls, the more violent society becomes.  When guns are restricted, strong arm criminals take over society and use simpler tools such as clubs and knifes to commit their crimes at a greater rate than they would have used guns.

The real reason liberal scum so desperately want a gun ban is because guns are inherently equalizers of power.  To a liberal, the only people that should have power are those who work for the State.  The frailest grandma can command the respect of a 250 lbs 25 year old linebacker by simply picking up a 2 lb piece of metal called a pistol.   This equalization of power is an anathema to liberal ideology of total State control over every aspect of ones life.