Government Is Too Big to Succeed

Ron Paul explains why this is the case:

It is big government that gives out tax breaks to engineer behavior, often creating large pockets of malinvestments. It is government that created the FDIC and the Fed as lender of last resort which all encourages moral hazard. It is big government that gives bureaucrats the ability to bail out cronies with taxpayer dollars while screaming that the economic sky is falling if they don’t. It is big government that every year adds new layers to the already labyrinthine regulatory code that smaller businesses can’t keep up with while simultaneously preventing new businesses from emerging. It is big government that misdirects economic productivity into bankrupt businesses that they consider to be too big to fail.

It appears Ron Paul has been reading my blog.   However, considering I’m a libertarian, I don’t mind if Ron steals my ideas.  They are infinitely reproducible after all.

It truly amazes me just how insane our government is; but what amazes me more are the hordes of people that demand more of it, even as it destroys their jobs and freedom.

Its like people are living in never-never land.  No one stops to think twice about the ultimate reason we are forced into this cycle of perpetual government expansion.  And no one stops to think about what history says the ultimate outcome of such an expansion will be.