Fannie and Freddie Declare Epic Looting Spree

The US Treasury has declared the bailout caps for Fannie and Freddie will be raised to “unlimited”.  Hence, you will be paying unlimited bailout money to the banks by way of men showing up to your door with guns in your face looting you for half your paycheck.  Which will then be deposited into Fannie and Freddie’s bank accounts.

What’s that?  You don’t want to give half your paycheck to corrupt crony bankers?  Too bad, the IRS has guns and a criminal court system to ensure you pay the proper amount to your fascist overlords.

Just how much is “unlimited?” – Greg Hunter fills us in:

How much is “unlimited?”  Well, for starters, Fannie and Freddie guarantee more than $5 trillion in mortgage backed securities.  Add that to the combined debt of nearly $3 trillion for both companies, and you get $8 trillion of taxpayer liability.

Stalin has removed his pants and has bent your children’s children over.

The God King was quoted as saying:

This is a great day for Amerika!  With the epic looting *cough* I mean bailout of Fannie and Freddie the masses can rest assured that there will be equal housing for all!

Of course, how else can fat over-paid bureaucrats expect to live in private dachas on the lake without 8 trillion dollars in re-distributed loot from your pocket book? 

Think of the bureaucrats!