Orrin Hatch Commits Unbelievable Atrocity

In the progressive elitist capital of Washington, it was reported yesterday that Senator Orrin Hatch was arrested for sedition under the new Obama regulations banning all speech that questions government looting.

Hatch wrote this Op-Ed in the NY Times calling for eliminating the employer half of the pay-roll tax for a limited time.

Pelosi, who was present at Hatch’s arrest and summary execution, made this statement:

The American people know we must make sacrifices for the common good.  This includes 100% of their pay.  Anyone who questions my authority to forcibly take your money is guilty of crimes against the State!  I can not be expected to run your life and provide you free things unless I have a right to your labor and wages!

Orrin Hatch violated this sacred trust in me, therefore I have had him shot.  Chairman Mao has ordered his body be placed on pike in front of the Whitehouse.

After which Pelosi engorged herself on a tax payer financed meal/feast in her ivory tower as her tax payer financed personal assistants fanned her face with palm leaves and scrubbed the castle floors.