$313 Billion for Health Care Through Medicaid and Medicare Savings

Supreme Soviet News Service ABC has issued this State approved Truth:

Calling Medicare and Medicaid “one of the greatest threats to our federal deficit,” President Obama used his weekly address to announce savings in Medicare and Medicaid that the administration said will generate more than $313 billion over 10 years for funding health care reform.

The savings, coupled with a $635 billion “down payment” already outlined in the fiscal year 2010 budget would add up to roughly $950 billion toward paying for health care reform.

Obama was quoted as saying:

“These savings will come from common sense changes”


The Obama “common sense changes” include increasing the amount of annual Medicare fraud up to 200 billion a year from its current 60 billion a year, as well as imprisoning Americans that refuse to either buy private health insurance or pay exorbitant tax fees.

Obama noted that every social welfare program in government history has never been used as a ponzi scheme, is completely solvent, and provides greater benefit to the public than free-market solutions.

He also noted that anytime government heavily involves itself in private markets, prices decrease, quality improves, and everyone benefits equally.  He specifically cited the medical, pharmaceutical, and education industries as prime examples of this phenomena.