Ron Paul: 'Spending Freeze? LOLLOLOLL'

Congressman Ron Paul pointsthe retardedness of the so-called “spending freeze”.

…First of all is timing. It wouldn’t go into effect until 2011, which allows plenty of time to increase spending levels quite a bit before they are frozen…

The second caveat is the huge areas of the budget that are shielded from this freeze. The entire State Department budget is exempt, as are all entitlements, all military industrial spending and almost all foreign aid. Fully 7/8 of federal spending is excluded from this freeze, and some areas to be frozen were actually set to decrease, which means a freeze actually guarantees a higher level of spending.


How can our anointed leaders save children and keep me safe from terrists if they aren’t looting my paycheck and spending the nation into oblivion constantly!

This is an outrage!

I demand to be looted more immediately!

30 trillion looted by banks just isn’t enough!

Washington’s idea of a spending freeze is taking bundles of stolen loot and sticking it in a freezer for safe keeping.