Time Magazine: You Don't Have A Right To The Internet

Time Magazine manages to belch out one of its most putrid ideas to-date:

Driver’s licenses for the Internet

Now, there are, of course, a number of obstacles to making such a scheme be reality. Even here in the mountains of Switzerland I can hear the worldwide scream go up: “But we’re entitled to anonymity on the Internet!” Really? Are you? Why do you think that?

Seriously, I’m not spoofing this piece, there’s no need to.

Total unhinged tyranny.

Could you imagine if you had to stand in line at the Department of Internet Licensing to get issued a State ID that grants you permission to access the web?


I can see yours truly being shot by a firing squad after being charged with terrism.

The obvious reason why Time and other Nazi publications are calling for such ridiculous nonsense is because the blogosphere has taken a dump on their subscription numbers.  Such unhinged tyranny would certainly be a boon for statist publications like Time.

I can see Cass Sunstein pulling the plug on all non-approved truth now.