White House Declares Reuters Enemy Of The People

Apparently someone at Reuters didn’t get the memo.

Official White House Memorandum #22434-10 decrees:

“All press coverage of the President will be positive in nature.

Failure to comply will result in termination

of your worthless peon reporter life.”

TPM fills us in:

Obama administration aides appealed to the Reuters White House reporting team to kill a story by another reporter of the news service that suggested the president’s new budget blueprint included “backdoor” tax hikes.

The official said when the administration saw the story, published yesterday afternoon, they contacted one of the Reuters White House correspondents.

The official said the Reuters White House team “worked to quickly remedy the situation and helped get the story completely withdrawn” last night.

The God King has big plans for your paycheck.  However, those plans are not fit for public consumption yet as the spin doctoring process has yet to be completed.

Look for Glenn Beck and Bill O to urge republicans to accept tax hikes as a positive measure.