Penn State Probe into Mann's Wrongdoing a 'Total Whitewash'

Fox News reports that the Penn State investigation of the criminal terrorist Michael Mann is a total whitewash.

Michael Mann is the character that used fraudulent tree ring data to prop up the failed theory of global warming.  His fraudulent escapades include suppressing relevant data, hiding original data, ignoring FIOA requests, collusion with bureaucrats to acquire power and money, and other tyrannical nonsense.

Mann, according to published reports, has gotten a grant almost $550,000 in stimulus money to study climate change and is part of a nearly $2 million grant to Penn State to study the impact of climate change on various diseases.


Clearly the panel investigating Mann has no reason to whitewash the investigation.   A 2 million dollar grant riding on his impeachment surely has no sway over the totalitarian fascists you call a review board.

Not only should Mann be charged with defrauding the tax payers and ignoring/suppressing FOIA requests, the review board in question should be charged with conspiracy to commit fraud.