Joe Stack Original MS Word Suicide Note Document

This is the original unedited and unaltered suicide note written by Joe Stack.

It appears exactly as it did on

I managed to open before the FBI took it down and save the entire page to my hard drive.  Then I uploaded the saved document to my site as a file.

The document was written in MS Word and saved as an HTML file through MS Word.

Joe then uploaded the saved HTML document to his web site for publication.

I’m posting this for researchers to find in the future.

Link to document here.

This is an image of the page header’s actual HTML code.


Creation date is 2010-02-16T19:2400Z

Last save is 2010-02-18T06:42:00Z

Word saves the timestamps from zulu (mean) time, not local time.

06:42:00 Thursday February 18, 2010 in GMT converts to
00:42:00 Thursday February 18, 2010 in US/Central

27 revisions, 3 pages, 2676 words, author Joe Stack, totalTime 1848

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