Dear Representative Calvert – Stop Being A Fascist Scumbag

After reviewing my congressman’s website, I felt compelled to send him a piece of my mind.

I am eagerly awaiting a response, which I’m sure will be a complete toolbox pre-scripted cut’n paste pile of lame excuses.

The epic letter of power is as follows:

Dear Rep. Calvert,

I’m writing you to discuss a number of items on your “Hot Topics” page that seem to fly in the face of free-market economics and limited government.   Orwell coined the term “doublethink” to describe what amounts to cognitive dissonance – holding two contradictory ideas at the same time.

Lets start off with this one:

“I also signed onto the American Energy Act, which would create more supply and less carbon dioxide through increased use of nuclear energy. This “all of the above” strategy takes advantage of domestic energy resources and creates incentives for clean, renewable energy — the carrot approach. In addition to reducing our dependence on foreign oil, this approach would create all kinds of jobs — green, high tech and construction.”

Create “more supply” by handing my tax dollars to a bunch of fascist scumbag energy companies?  Sounds like a great deal to me!  How about you simply eliminate existing regulation and allow private investors to manage the energy supply?   Government should not be in the business of “creating jobs” – that’s what democrats do.  Government’s job is to get the hell out of our way so the private sector can get to work building real power plants.

Do you know how the private sector goes about deciding what types of power plants to build?  They look at production cost per kilowatt.  Do you know what energy source has the lowest?  – coal.   Now instead of wasting billions of my tax dollars “creating jobs” in an inefficient energy sector, perhaps you could simply let me keep my money and invest it in a productive fashion.   If you really wanted to do me a favor, you’d eliminate the existing regulations that hinder energy producers from building power plants and refineries domestically.

By reading through your legislation, it looks like your entire staff must be a bunch of democrats.   Your bills are insulting; they are a disgrace; they violate the constitution at every level.  Get out of my life.

But I’m not done yet!  Oh no no no!  Your “hot topics” page is a veritable cornucopia of Orwellian goodness.

“When a government wants to legislate change in societal behavior, it has the option to use a stick or a carrot. Unfortunately, Democrats in Congress have opted to use the stick to bring about change in the way we use energy. Like many American families, I wish they had chosen the carrot.”

Personally I find this insulting.  You speak as if the federal government should be in the business of legislating societal behavior.  Sir, let me tell you that you have NO RIGHT to tell me how to live my life or invest my money PERIOD!  You do not have the constitutional authority to legislate ANY societal behavior.   Your mandate is to uphold the 17 specific areas of defense and general welfare put forth in Article 1 Section 8 of the US Constitution.  Willfully violating this mandate constitutes perjury of your oath of office.  That is a criminal offense.

On to this:

“I am a co-sponsor of the Patient’s Choice Act, H.R. 2520”

In its opening line it states:

“Patients’ Choice Act – Requires the Secretary of Health and Human Services (HHS) to convene an interagency coordinating committee to develop a national strategic plan for prevention.”

“national strategic plan” – more Orwell in action.  Republican’s that espouse limited government should not be in the business of coordinating ANY “national strategic plan” for the private sector.  If you want to do us all a favor, how about eliminating the laws that prevent inter-state sale of insurance?  How about redirecting the tax breaks for employers that bind insurance to employment and instead give those tax breaks to individuals so everyone can go out and buy their own plan in an unhindered NATIONAL private market that is not tied to employment?

The subject of healthcare is too broad for me to cover in this letter, but rest assured, if you are thinking about creating any more laws, you are inevitably going to hose it up even more than it already is.  You need to be repealing laws, not creating more laws.  No offense, but you are too dumb to be running the private health insurance market.  You need to eliminate laws so competition can flourish.  This is not Soviet Russia.  Central planning does not work.

On to your economy section:

“Most of this spending – the stimulus, the auto bailout, the mortgage cramdown – have been in an effort to help our ailing economy.  Unfortunately, none it has worked.  Our area – at 13% – is experiencing higher than the national average for unemployment. “

No kidding Sherlock.  I noticed you voted in favor of the 700 billion dollar porkulus.  Good work keeping down that spending and helping the average American.  Who educated you on economics?  Karl Marx?  Here’s a tip, if you are tempted to spend any more of my money on anything – don’t do it.

I also noticed you make a big deal about illegal immigration.  Here’s another tip.  Instead of wasting more of my money attempting to create and enforce more unenforceable laws, how about eliminating all the social welfare programs that cause illegal immigration in the first place?  I know it’s a shocking thought, but if you eliminate the incentive for them to come here, perhaps they will stop coming here.

Finally, I’d like to thank the aid or intern who will inevitably wind up reading this letter before forwarding it to the circular file; then responding with a cut’n paste pre-scripted response.   Perhaps if enough people like me take the time to inform people like you, you’ll get the message and pass it on to people who actually give a damn.

If you actually want to learn how free markets work and how competition can reduce costs while improving quality, look here: