Giving Cops The Bird

Here’s a man that obviously has a scrotum.

Robert J. Ekas prefers to exercise his first amendment rights by giving cops the bird.  Of course, our totalitarian overlords can not stand for such insults; thus, punishment ensued:

When Robert J. Ekas decided to exercise his right to free speech, he didn’t open his mouth.

He hoisted his middle finger.

His single-digit protests, aimed at Clackamas County sheriff’s deputies last year, resulted in verbal showdowns, traffic tickets and, ultimately, a federal lawsuit.

Giving a police officer the finger may be a rude and ill-advised gesture, but it is not against the law, legal experts say.

Rober J. Ekas, patriot and hero.

Let us be clear, I do not hate all cops. I only hate cops that enforce laws that violate the constitution, civil liberties, and our natural rights.  Of course, this embodies about 99.9999% of police officers, but I have faith there is at least one cop out there somewhere that refuses to engage in such tyranny. 

The police are supposed to protect and serve the public.  They are supposed to do this by protecting the natural rights of the citizenry from being infringed by others or by government itself.  This is their mission.  Their mission is not to uphold all laws passed by a tyrannical legislature.  Their mission is not to pursue laws that claim the State as a plaintiff.  Their mission is not to bow down before almighty judges in black robes that have no respect for our rights or their constitutional oaths of office.

Doing good does not excuse doing bad.

Ekas is justified in his actions.  Not only should the police not be punishing Ekas, they should be standing behind him protecting him while he does it.