WTF Is Your Problem? – Deductive Reasoning

I know you think war is great, being looted at the point of a government wielded gun is great, and you hate freedom.  But lets take a moment to look at why you’re such a fascist scum sucking pig.  Personally, I think its because you were educated in a publik school.

I’m being entirely serious.  There is a reason you are such an unthinking illogical drone that hates the truth.  It takes years of State programming to raise a fine Soviet toolbox such as yourself.  Let us review the evidence and come to a logical conclusion.


Rick Perry speaks, you bend over and take a Cintra toll road up your ass.

Kay Bailey farts out her mouth, you bend over and take a 700 billion dollar banker bailout up your ass.

George Bush bellows, you bend over and take a federalization of publik schools up your ass.

These are indisputable facts that can not be argued with.

The minute someone questions government – OH NOES THE F’N WORLDS GOING TO IMPLODE! CHRIST OBAMA HELP US ALL!

The God King has heard your plea and has decided to help you by looting you of all your money, then handing it to foreign international banks, 23.7 trillion at last count to be exact. 

You praise Mao 10 times daily and beg to have Storm troopers breakdown your door for not paying your protection money to government.  You demand total nanny state protection from all things, including yourself. 

Terrists?  Here’s my wallet, please sir, protect me from these heinous evil doers that have less chance of killing me than drowning in my bathtub.

Why are you such a pussy?  Is it because your two dads didn’t beat you enough as a child?  Perhaps its because you have two moms, thus you had no male role model to teach you where your balls are located.

AH HA!  That’s the problem.  Publik schools, two moms, no dads, you’re a pussy.

This is how deductive reasoning works.  You should study the method I just described above.