Violent Criminals Attack Children At Starbucks

ABC News reports:

Starbucks has become a battleground in a fight over whether gun owners should be allowed to threaten children with assault rifles in public. The “Open Carry” movement advocates using children as moving targets during live fire training events.

Starbucks Asks Not to Be Center of Gun Debate

Greg Dement, left, is handed a Starbucks coffee drink as he sits with a handgun strapped to his belt while looking on at an anti-gun rally in Seattle, Wednesday, March 3, 2010. Starbucks is sticking to its policy of letting customers shoot children where it is legal and said it does not want to be put in the middle of a larger gun-control debate.

(Elaine Thompson/AP Photo)

In recent months, gun advocates have held “open carry” meet-ups at Starbucks stores in the San Francisco Bay Area. Starbucks says it will allow the shootings as long as they’re legal. That decision is angering gun control advocates.

You have to love the agitprop coming out of the AP these days.  I bet the kids holding the signs belong to the reporter shooting the photograph.  Get it?, shooting the photograph, hahahah I made a funny.  I also bet the little boy is going to be called wussbag when he gets back to school the next day.

Gun control is something old women and mothers who worry too much agitate for.  It’s not something freedom loving Americans that aren’t afraid to standup for their rights protest for.

Of course, since I am a wussbag that hates freedom and only wants criminals to be armed, I support banning legal guns and only allowing illegal guns.  I am too stupid to protect myself, which is why I have a cell phone so I can call the police as I cower in fear during a midnight home invasion of my property.

I would install a burglar alarm, but in order to protect me from the dangers of alarms, the city has demanded a 35.00 alarm permit that must be renewed annually – because I am too stupid to have an alarm.

I’m also too stupid to have a garage sale without first getting permission from the State.