Massive Physical Short Gold And Silver Positions That Can Not Be Covered

If this turns out to be true, it will go down as one of the largest frauds in the history of the world – 2nd only to Socialist Security of course.

Zero Hedge reports:

GATA Claims To Have Evidence Of “Massive Physical Short Gold And Silver Positions That Can Not Be Covered”

In a letter to the CFTC’s Chairman, Gary Gensler, GATA Chairman William Murphy shares the following bombshell:

“GATA has evidence that there are enormous physical short positions in the gold and silver markets that cannot be covered.”

Even as the CFTC is meeting later this month to establish position limits in the gold, silver, and other precious metals’ markets, it could be none other than the CFTC’s core banks, and Mr. Gensler’s former Goldman bosses, that form the very core of the biggest market manipulation collusion syndicate in the history of the commodity markets.

Full GATA letter.

Remember, just last week hard evidence surfaced of “salted” tungsten bars originating from national banks that were being passed off as pure gold bars.

Taken in conjunction, I believe we are due to see gold skyrocket into the stratosphere.

Buy now.

There is little time left before the implosion of the dollar.  The Fed is officially insolvent.  The printing presses are getting warmed up.  They will not stop until the dollar is a smoking hulk of ruin.