Obama Decries Waste, Fraud In Gov't Health System

The Huston Chronicle reports:

Lets just expand government control over all aspects of healthcare.  This way we can REALLY eliminate waste, fraud, and abuse!

I mean seriously, you are too dumb to understand that you’re too dumb to understand more government obviously means less fraud in Medicare.


Yeah, see what I mean, you’re too dumb to understand.

Of course, the regurgitating Chronicle never asks the most important question – if we eliminated Medicare, wouldn’t that eliminate Medicare fraud?

What if we simply gave back all the Medicare payments ever made to the tax payers that paid them, then let them go out and get private insurance with that money?  Wouldn’t that eliminate Medicare fraud?

OH SHIT – CAN’T DO THAT!  That would eliminate the government’s cooked up fraudulent ponzi scheme with the Medicare trust as well as the fraud committed by the insurance companies!  OH NO NO NO!! That would just not do.

– btw, Medicare fraud is rampaging at 60 billion ANNUALLY.

The 60 billion in fraud savings by eliminating Medicare alone would be enough to give the indigents that can’t make healthcare insurance payments on their own a stipend to help them out.   Eliminating Medicare, giving the money back, and allowing the free market to actually function would also drastically reduce healthcare costs, further reducing the cost of private insurance payments.

(edit 60 billion in annual fraud as of 2009)