House To Ram Obamacare Through Without Voting On It – What?

CNSNews reports:

Rep. David Dreier (R-Calif.), the ranking Republican on the House Rules Committee, indicated yesterday that he was resigned to letting congressional Democrats make the Senate health-care bill the law of the land without ever holding a vote on it in the House of Representatives by passing a rule governing debate on another bill, the budget reconciliation, that "deems" the health care bill as passed.

Of course, the article itself is a joke.

The article goes on to argue the constitutionality of the “Slaughter” rule, which basically allows the House to pass a Senate bill by voting on amendments to it, rather than voting on the actual bill itself.

If they pass a vote on amending it, its implied that the bill itself has been passed.

While this is certainly an outrageous violation of constitutional protocol, which demands that both houses vote on the same bill and both houses pass the same bill, the article totally by-passes the real issue.


Forget the constitutionality of how its passed, the entire bill itself is a gross violation of the federal government’s power.

The article never once mentions how the bill blatantly violates the limitations set forth in the constitution.  The constitution CLEARLY limits the federal government to ONLY being able to pass bills within the 17 specifically enumerated areas granted them in Article 1 Section 8.

This bill is a disaster, its entirely unconstitutional no matter how the bill is passed.  America better wake up quick or we will all be doomed to a life of Soviet tyranny.