The Shock Doctrine: The Rise of Disaster Capitalism –Lies And Propaganda

Reason Magazine has put out an article about the Naomi Klein and her defamation of the great freedom advocate Milton Friedman:…

In the future, if you tell a student or a journalist that you favor free markets and limited government, there is a risk that they will ask you why you support dictatorships, torture, and corporate welfare. The reason for the confusion will be Naomi Klein’s book The Shock Doctrine: The Rise of Disaster Capitalism.

The truth behind the lies:

Before there was Ron Paul, there was Milton Friedman.

Milton Friedman was a Nobel prize winning free-market economist that believed in strictly limiting the size of government in order to prevent tyranny and fascism. Friedman was also a former governor of the Federal Reserve bank, an institution he felt should be abolished entirely.

Friedman’s free market economic theories helped create what we call "The Miracle of Chile" – which helped to bring about democracy and economic growth in Chile.

Friedman’s free market reforms of Chile displaced the military junta and installed democracy. Today, According to the 2008 Index of Economic Freedom, Chile is the world’s 8th most free economy today and 11th most free in the 2009 Index of Economic Freedom. Chile is ranked 3rd out of 29 countries in the Americas and has been a regional leader for over a decade.

Had we followed Friedman’s advice in this country, the mega-banks that just looted us for 28 trillion would all be bankrupt.

Had we followed Friedman’s advice in this country, the multiple wars of aggression we are fighting today never would have been started.

Had we followed Friedman’s advice in this country, inflation would not be rampaging out of control to the point where a McDonald’s meal now costs 7 dollars a pop in some places.

Had we followed Friedman’s advice in this country, the sub-prime meltdown never would have occurred.

Friedman, along with FA Hayek (another Nobel economist), and other Austrian economists have proven time and time again that when government gets involved in the markets by having the Fed force interest rates down, bailing out failed institutions, and spending massive sums of borrowed money, it causes mass chaos, inflation, and suffering.

Today the American population is suffering 20% unemployment and massive inflation because we ignored the great work done by Friedman and others like him.

Today the mega-banks are giving themselves 1% of America’s GDP in bonuses – even as they take tax payer money to keep from failing.

None of this would be possible without the Federal Reserve. Friedman wanted to end fascism and the tyranny of the mega-banks by abolishing the criminal Federal Reserve bank.

Today we are reaping the consequences of ignoring his work.

Reason Magazine gives us some more insight in the real truth behind Friedman’s ideas:

Not content to misrepresent Friedman’s opinions, Klein blames him for various crimes committed around the world. Most notably, she links him to Augusto Pinochet’s brutal military dictatorship in Chile in the 1970s, writing that Friedman acted as "adviser to the Chilean dictator."In fact, Friedman never worked as an adviser to, and never accepted a penny from, the Chilean regime. He even turned down two honorary degrees from Chilean universities that received government funding, because he did not want to be seen as endorsing a dictatorship he considered "terrible" and "despicable." He did spend six days in Chile in March 1975 to give public lectures, at the invitation of a private foundation. When he was there he met with Pinochet for about 45 minutes and wrote him a letter afterward, arguing for a plan to end hyperinflation and liberalize the economy. He gave the same kind of advice to communist dictatorships as well, including the Soviet Union, China, and Yugoslavia.

Klein twists this relationship beyond recognition, claiming Pinochet’s 1973 coup was executed to allow free market economists ("the Chicago Boys," as the economists from Friedman’s University of Chicago were called) to enact their reforms. This false link is crucial for giving the impression that the Friedmanites have blood on their hands, since the most violent period of the regime came right after the coup. But Friedman’s visit, which Klein claims started the real transformation, came two years later. Klein insists on having it both ways.

The reality was that Chile’s military officials were initially in charge of the economy. They were corporatist and paternalist, and they opposed the Chicago Boys’ ideas. The air force controlled social policy, for example, and it blocked market reforms until 1979. It wasn’t until this approach led to runaway inflation that Pinochet belatedly threw his weight behind liberalization and gave civilians ministerial positions. Their success in fighting inflation impressed Pinochet, so they were given a larger role.

Klein could have used the real chronology to attack Friedman for visiting a dictatorship that tortured its opponents-a commonly heard criticism of the economist-but that’s not enough for her. To find support for her central thesis that economic liberalism requires violence, she has to make it look like torture and violence were the direct outcome of Friedman’s ideas.

Naomi Klein is a communist big-government market interventionist.

She wrote that hit piece against Freidman to dupe the public into thinking free markets are to blame for the current situation.

Its clearly evident that the FEDERAL RESERVE and BIG GOVERNMENT are to blame.

Friedman wanted banks to fail. Friedman wanted to END THE FED. Friedman wanted the market to punish corporations. Friedman wanted to end crony capitalism.

Friedman was entirely AGAINST crony capitalism.

He hated it – just as he hated dictatorships and all forms of government tyranny over the people.

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