Feds Follow Facebook

PC World has published some new information on the criminal government’s use of Facebook to imprison freedom loving Amerikans.

PC World reports:

    Here’s yet another reason to be careful of what you share on Facebook — the Feds could be checking you out. An internal Justice Department document obtained by the Electronic Frontier Foundation reveals that U.S. law enforcement agents have been logging onto social networking sites in the name of crime fighting.

    According to the 33-page presentation (PDF), which was obtained by the EFF through a Freedom of Information Act lawsuit, federal agents can use social networking sites to gather valuable information from and about suspects. The following information is listed as being useful evidence that can be gathered from social networking sites:

  • Reveal personal communications

  • Establish motives and personal relationships

  • Provide location information

  • Prove and disprove alibis

  • with no conscience.