Goldman Sachs Securities Fraud

Senator Ted Kaufman said Goldman may have committed securities fraud on the Senate floor the other day.

In a rambling rant, where the criminal Senator declared the need for a total regulatory police state, Kaufman said:

At the same time, there are reports that raise questions about whether Goldman Sachs and other firms may have failed to disclose material information about swaps with Greece that allowed the country to effectively mask the full extent of its debt just as it was joining the European Monetary Union (EMU).   We simply do not know whether fraud was involved, but these actions have kicked off a continent-wide controversy, with ramifications for U.S. investors as well.

Of course Goldman was involved in fraud.  They’ve been front running the exchange markets for years now and have been sucking the tax payers dry through bailouts of AIG.  They lie to their investors, they front run exchanges, they lie to the governments they do business with, and they steal from the tax payer. – all while paying no corporate taxes!

While the glorious senator seems to think these problems can be corrected by creating a police state on Wall Street, we know better.

There’s this criminal institution that makes all of the above possible – its called the Federal Reserve Bank.  Does the good senator talk about eliminating this massive pile of moral and criminal hazard? 


Can’t have that!  How would the government be able to fund all of its wars and police state powers if it couldn’t print and borrow unlimited cash! 

Senator Kaufman should be behind bars along with the bankers in question for his criminal treasonous culpability in allowing the Federal Reserve Bank to continue to exist.