Buying "Green" Products Makes You Immoral – Literally


The Association for Psychological Science has issued a new study on how people react after buying “green” products.

It turns out that when people do acts of “good” they are then far more likely to do acts of “bad”.

The study concludes:

Consumer choices reflect not only price and quality preferences but also social and moral values, as witnessed in the remarkable growth of the global market for organic and environmentally friendly products. Building on recent research on behavioral priming and moral regulation, we found that mere exposure to green products and the purchase of such products lead to markedly different behavioral consequences. In line with the halo associated with green consumerism, results showed that people act more altruistically after mere exposure to green products than after mere exposure to conventional products. However, people act less altruistically and are more likely to cheat and steal after purchasing green products than after purchasing conventional products. Together, our studies show that consumption is connected to social and ethical behaviors more broadly across domains than previously thought.

I’m going to help the authors of the study out and provide the actual solution to this odd association of behaviors.

Since Climategate, and the DOZENS of climate scandals that have precipitated from it, have proven beyond all doubt that global warming is a contrived farce by the oil companies and banking interests in order to shut down coal production and create new derivatives markets, we can conclude the following:

People that buy “Green” products are actually criminal looters ALL THE TIME.  They believe they are entirely justified in looting hard working honest citizens at gun point.  They believe its entirely justified to loot coal producers at gun point because they are producing energy at a cheaper and more abundant rate than the solar and oil companies they own stocks in.  They believe they are justified in looting citizens at gun point and then using the stolen loot on investment projects that benefit themselves rather than society as a whole.

They really don’t care about property rights in general and they aren’t really bothered by the use of force in general.

They feel if they need something its much easier to take it at gun point from others rather than working for it themselves.   They feel they are entitled to other peoples property at all costs.

Thus, the act of buying green products does not cause one to become a cheat and a thief, it is simply an indicator of who is a cheat and a thief – and of course a liar.