67% Think Healthcare Takeover A Bad Idea

An MSNBC Newsvine poll conducted the day after the fascist healthcare takeover passed:


Take careful note of the number of voters.

Almost 600,000 votes, which is an insane amount.  Assuming no fraud, the gigantic sample size pretty AND the fact its hosted on a communist news site, I think its safe to say the Dems are screwed come Nov.

Fox News posts similar results with nearly 400,000 votes.  Fox says 60% feel this is just a giant tax package wrapped in 2,700 pages stamped “health care reform.” – with only 35% saying it was a step in the right direction.  (this was before the democrat vote bots went wild on it.  It looks like the MSNBC poll does a better job of preventing vote-botting)

The American people are not so stupid as to believe the fascist government will provide them better and cheaper healthcare.  Something only the free market has ever accomplished.