GOP Threatens Ron Paul With Removal From Committees

Because Ron Paul, as usual, is looking out for the tax payers in his district.

The GOP decided it would be a good thing to put a moratorium on ear-marks.  Ear-marks are a tool congressman use to delegate funds from the general budget to specific projects.

Ear-marks DO NOT increase spending amounts, they simply allocate the money that is already going to be spent to specific projects.

Ron Paul’s spokeswoman explains:

Paul spokeswoman Rachel Mills said he thinks Washington already extracts too much money from his constituents, and “part of his job is to work hard in Washington, D.C., to get that money back to those constituents in any form that he can.” She said Paul also believes that earmarking is more transparent than the regular budget process because you know exactly where the money goes and that it doesn’t affect the total amount appropriated by one dime.

Because Dr. Paul is one of three GOP members that have refused to obey this moratorium, the GOP is considering removing Dr. Paul from his committee assignments.

I could see that going over well with the tea parties LOL.

Of course, since most of the GOP and Democraps are owned by banks or mega-corporations, they are against Congress actually doing its job and specifying how public money is to be spent.

Its much easier for them to funnel that cash to their handlers when its not publicly declared how the cash will be spent.

Here’s to you Ron Paul – keeping government honest, even if it means backlash from your own party.

Does your Congressman stand up for you like that?