Mises Academy Class Starting Soon!

How awesome is this!

The Mises Institute has decided to open up an online academy to teach Austrian economics.  The first series of online classes will be taught by Robert Murphy (a personal hero of mine) on understanding the business cycle.

Taking a class from Bob Murphy is like being personally taught by Einstein.  Only Einstein is dumber that Murphy, so really its like being taught by Hannes Alfvén.  The time will come when Keynesian theory is relegated to the dust bin of history and men like Murphy will reign supreme over economic theory.  Now is your chance to learn from a future Nobel Laureate and someone who isn’t a statist tyrant scumbag.

I personally have a business degree and have taken numerous economics lectures from tyrant oligarchs claiming that total state authority over the economy is the only way we can save us from ourselves.  I feel robbed of my rightful educational experience to which I devoted a large sum of tax payer funded loan money to.

Those classes sucked because I instinctively knew that they were pushing nothing more than a criminal agenda.   May the Mises Institute truly save us from ourselves by teaching us we are our own saviors and not slaves to corrupt banker owned criminal politicians.

Praise Murphy.