MSM SLRC Straw Poll Vote Buying Nonsense

The MSM is out demonizing the Ron Paul campaign for “buying” votes at the SLRC.  Paul’s supporting sites sold discounted tickets to supporters saving them somewhere around a 100.00 a pop in ticket costs.

Of course, there was no mandate that the people buying the tickets from Paul’s site actually be Ron Paul supporters or vote for him.  – AND – the Romney campaign did the exact same thing.

Politico reports:

Supporters of Paul and Romney were the only ones visibly organizing for the gathering. Paul’s Campaign for Liberty bought several hundred tickets for supporters, while a well-funded group called Evangelicals for Mitt – which says it operates independently of Romney’s official campaign – offered some 200 tickets for free to Republicans who would commit in writing to voting for Romney in the straw poll.

Indeed it looks like all the campaigns engaged in some kind of “bribery” that ranged from beef jerky to piggy bank toys.

While Ron Paul may have lost by one vote, he forced the issues of personal liberty down the throats of the statist neocons attending the event.  So in that respect, I consider it a win.