SPLC: Ron Paul And Judge Napolitano Promote Terrorism

Is there any doubt left about the evil motives of this fascist organization?

I think not.

According to the SPLC, Ron Paul, Andrew Napolitano, along with other anti-fascist libertarians are the equivalent of white al-Qaeda.  Personally, I hope to make the list someday.  I’ve been trying really hard but I need the help of my supporters.

These men and women have helped to put key Patriot themes — the idea that President Obama is a Marxist, that he and other elites in the government are pushing a socialist takeover, that the United States plans secret concentration camps and so on — before millions of Americans, many of whom actually believe these completely false allegations. Whether these people tell such tall tales because they believe them or simply because they are willing to shamelessly pander for votes or ratings, is anyone’s guess; but the noxious effect on the body politic is the same.

Clearly God King Hussein is not a Marxist, he’s a Fascist.

From the SPLC’s “Who We Are” section:

The Southern Poverty Law Center is a nonprofit civil rights organization dedicated to fighting hate and bigotry, and to seeking justice for the most vulnerable members of society.

I find it quite humorous that the SPLC equates a desire for limited government to “hate and bigotry.”  I find it to mean exactly the opposite.  In the past century over 100 million people have been killed outright by the State.  To me, government is the ultimate in hate and bigotry.

I have to thank the SLPC though.  Their press releases are so delusional that any right minded individual can only see them as comical desperation.  The SPLC is undermining itself far better than I ever could.