Timothy McVeigh Tapes: MSNBC Documentary Confessions of an American Terrorist.

The real story, minus the left wing spin.

The following interview shook me to my core.  It is one of the most damning and shocking interviews you will ever hear in your life.  The Jesse Trentadue story has all been confirmed by the courts.  Jesse Trentadue actually won a civil suit against the feds in this matter.


The Feds arrested his brother thinking he was Richard Lee Guthrie, a man wanted in conjunction with the OKC bombing.

The Feds killed his brother in his cell thinking he was Guthrie, because Guthrie had information on the real facts behind the OKC bombing.

The Feds, after realizing their mistake, then attempted to cover up the murder of his brother.

All sorts of information about the OKC bombing eventually leaked out because of the wrongful death suit against the Feds by Jesse. The Feds knew what was about to happen. They had agents inside the militia. They got their men out before hand.

Basically the case proves the Feds set up the OKC bombing, knew what was going on, and at the very least allowed it to go forward. – most likely they actively planned it.

Coincidentally, the real Guthrie was also found dead in his cell, after he was captured for a non-related crime, of an apparent “suicide.”

Story on the Trentadue case here.

If you want more information, including the court documents proving Jesse Trentadue’s case, look here.

In the matter of Kenneth Michael Trentadue, J.D. Cash / McCurtain Dailey Gazette | April 7, 2004