San Benito Tells Feds To Shove It Up Their Azz

FortAnthem brings us an exciting post on the ATS boards.

First, Utah signs a bill to use eminent domain to take back federal land, now, a county in California is telling the Federal Bureau of Land Management to shove it!

25 miles of roads in San Benito county were closed by the BLM to create a “human free zone” a few years back and now, the county is telling the feds they want their land back.

Utah Land Revolt Spreads – California County Stands Up to B.L.M.

In response to what is being called “an avalanche of proposed closures on federal lands” in the State of California, the San Benito County Board of Supervisors has voted to “reassert its jurisdiction on 25 miles of county roads in an area currently closed by the federal government,” giving the fast spreading rebellion of the states a new ally, county rights.

Don Amador, Western Representative for the Blue Ribbon Coalition, a national advocacy group for recreational rights, put it this way:

The San Benito County Board of Supervisors earned a place in the history books for taking a stand against a federal bureaucracy that has proposed a closure of historic proportions in their county. It was clear the Supervisors take seriously their constitutional role as a champion of the people and seek to protect the citizenry and the local economy from agenda-driven policies developed by unelected officials.

He continues,

When the federal government ignores the will of the people, local voters and users that visit the area have little choice but to look elsewhere for relief. Up and down the state, I see a growing number of counties who are joining with the people in defense of historic access to federal lands. Today’s vote to reopen the roads for street-legal vehicles should be a clear signal to the BLM that their effort to make the Hollister Field Office a ‘Human Free Zone’ is going to be challenged.

Call it a new, yet constitutionally sound, assertion of rights. It is the United States Constitution, Article IV, Section 4, that mandates: “The United States shall guarantee to every State in this Union a Republican Form of Government.” If we lived during the Founding Era, one way of looking at this consistent with the reality of how the Founders and their state governments viewed things back then, would be to say in essence:

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This article is so money.

Any time a local government tells the Feds to shove it up their azz, my heart skips a beat.