Greek Proles Begin Dismantling Government Brick By Brick

It seems the Greek proletariat is displeased that their over-lords have decided to cut communist programs, raise taxes, and hand all the booty over to criminal banking institutions.

So far, three people are dead in union riots.

InTheNews reports:

At least three people have been killed in Greece as protestors stormed parliament buildings in Athens amid the country’s debt crisis.

Striking workers set fire to a bank, possibly after being hit by petrol bombs, with fire services saying three bodies were found inside the burning building.

Police have responded to the unrest with pepper spray, tear gas and stun grenades.

Transport was at a standstill in the country as the angry protestors began their second day of strikes in the capital today over the government’s response to the country’s huge deficit.

Public services including trains and airports suffered major delays and cancellations following a nationwide walk out over austerity measures.

‘Austerity’ measures.


To the enslaved Greeks, that’s like taking away their food supply.

Austerity wouldn’t be so bad if their criminal government openly defaulted on their debt obligations and wrote down the debt instead of squeezing every last drop of tax payer blood out of the Greek proletariat for criminal banking cartels.  The Greeks are right to be angry, however they are angry over the wrong reasons.

They are angry that big daddy government isn’t giving them handouts from the cookie jar anymore.

There is no hope for Greece for they are slaves.  Riots and enslavement will continue unabated until the entire nation is a smoking hulk of ruin.

I have better hopes for Amerika, since most American’s know that begging for government handouts is wrong (government unions excluded.)  However, most American’s are also too dumb to realize that the Fed has been raping them blind over the past few years.  So who knows?