North Korea Claims Nuclear Fusion Breakthrough

This is not FISSION – they are claiming FUSION

FUSION is the holy grail of unlimited free power.…

North Korea has announced that it has made significant progress towards the development of thermo-nuclear power.

It is a claim that is likely to be met with some scepticism.

Despite hopes that the technology can produce large quantities of cheap, clean energy, no country has so far succeeded in making it work.

Now before anyone goes poo-pooing the NK’s saying they are full of crap, I ask that you watch these two videos by plasma physicists:

Plasma physicist and cosmologist Eric Lerner’s Google tech talk on focus fusion:…#

Physicist Robert Bussard on IEC fusion…#

These guys know what they are talking about and have put forth simple theories to show how fusion can be achieved using simple reactors.

Of course, our communist evil government has ignored their work because its not expensive enough.

Government could not squander untold billions of our tax dollars on crap experiments like the ITER if they were to actually take the advice of real plasma physicists.

It would not surprise me in the slightest if NK actually beat the US and the rest of the world to a working fusion reactor because of our criminal government’s obsession with gigantic failures of experiments that squander billions of our tax dollars.

Eric Lerner is also a plasma cosmologist that rejects Einstein’s retarded theories of black holes, dark matter, dark energy, dark flows, wimps, machos, worm holes, multiple dimensions, and other ridiculous nonsense.