We Must Have War!

NYT reports:

WASHINGTON — The Obama administration announced Tuesday morning that it had struck a deal with other major powers, including Russia and China, to impose new sanctions on Iran, a sharp repudiation of the deal Tehran had offered just a day before to ship its nuclear fuel out of the country.

If the council adopts the resolution, it will represent the fourth round of sanctions intended to induce Iran to cease enriching uranium, comply with all demands from the International Atomic Energy Agency to inspect suspect locations, turn over documents related to suspected weapons research, and allow interviews of Iranian scientists. The previous three rounds failed to force Iran to comply.

Now, let’s pretend Iran is a super-power and America is an oil rich nation with a limited military capacity.

Iran says to us:  You will cease all production of nuclear weapons, allow our investigators access to all of your classified weapons data, allow our investigators to interview your scientists, and allow us unfettered access to all of your nuclear facilities, or we will enact a military blockade and shut down your foreign trade routes by force.

How would American’s respond?

Given that 99.9% of American’s are effeminate libs that hate freedom, love to be dominated, and demand total police state control over their lives at all times, we would probably bend over and smile while Iran crapped on our face.

Of course, a military blockade (aka. “sanctions”) is an act of war.  It’s the reason why the US Constitution allows for a standing Navy; unlike the Army, which is only supposed to be created for at most a period of two years to defend against an imminent invasion or over-throw.

The powers-that-be know the entire financial system is unwinding and the economy is going to implode like the Weimar Republic of Germany post WWI, so they are desperate to provoke Iran into a shooting war to distract us as they finish off looting the carcass of the US tax payer.