Send Congress An Email – GO TO JAIL!

Bruce Shore is finding out the hard way that criticizing a criminal tyrannical government leads to prison time:

“I’m walking around in my head: jail for email, jail for email,” he said. “At this point I’m just looking at my government and going, anything is possible. When do the adults wake up and say, ‘This gentleman is just angry and frustrated?’ I’m just speechless. Shocked. I probably dropped 10 pounds in a week. To think you turn your life around, you don’t do anything wrong after you make a mistake when you were younger…”

One must not be intimidated by the criminal thugs running our country.

It is every American’s duty to stand up against tyranny.

Bowing down to this tyranny is what they want.

If American’s acquiesce to criminal government, all hope is lost.  The first amendment makes it clear that critical speech of government is a natural right of the citizenry.  We must have faith in our fellow countrymen that they will vote not guilty when presented with the evidence.