OH Supreme Court: Cops Can Guesstimate Your Speed

The criminal Ohio Supreme Court has ruled that police thug enforcers can simply guesstimate your speed and issue you a citation without having to actually clock you with a radar gun or other device.

Praise Mao:

Supreme Court Justice Maureen O’Connor said “Rational triers of fact could find a police officer’s testimony regarding his unaided visual estimation of a vehicle’s speed, when supported by evidence that the officer is trained, certified by (the Ohio Peace Officer Training Academy) or a similar organization, and experienced in making such estimations, sufficient to establish beyond a reasonable doubt the defendant’s speed. Independent verification of the vehicle’s speed is not necessary to support a conviction for speeding.”

Soon thug enforcers will be able to issue you citations for doing drugs without actually having to find any drugs on your person.

Obama was quoted as saying:

This is a glorious day for Amerika.  Police must be able to arrest and forcibly violate all citizens of this nation on a whim if we are to generate enough revenue to expand the police state.

I’m personally excited about the prospect of having a 2×4 rammed up my azz for driving like Miss Daisy.

Autoinsane continues:

Hey “Supreme Court Justices” why don’t you guys get this part of what laws are supposed to do through your thick skulls. It’s safe to say that officers might be trained to identify speeds, and they might even be great at it – but it blasts the notion of burden of proof being on the state out of the water. You didn’t just blast it out, you nuked that fish to dry land. There is no factual evidence when officers have the ability to do this, “I think you were going 120 mph.”

Where is the public recourse for police officers who abuse their abilities? We have to take an officer’s (the state) word that we commited a crime? Did you guys even go to law school?

I think it boils down to us being a bunch of retards.

We could simply vote in people who would end this nonsense, but that would be ridiculous.