Rasmussen: Sharron Angle Kicking Harry Reid's Ass!

Newsmax reports:

Sharron Angle, following her come-from-behind Republican primary win Tuesday, has bounced to an 11-point lead over Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid in Nevada’s closely watched U.S. Senate race.

Taken Wednesday night, shows Angle earning 50 percent support while Reid picks up 39 percent of the vote. Five percent like some other candidate, and 6 percent are undecided. A month ago, Angle led Reid 48 percent to 40 percent but ran poorest against the incumbent of the three GOP primary hopefuls as she has for months.

This is so awesome.

Check out her positions:

Audit the Fed – check

Anti-global warming – check

Deregulation of energy industry -check

Abolish IRS – check

Eliminate the Dept of Education – check

Massively cut spending – check

Reject UN control – check

Repeal Obamacare – check

Secure the borders – check

Forced balanced budget – check

Dismantle Fannie/Freddie – check

Protect 2nd amendment – check

Campaign finance reform – check

The biggest one is an an unknown, defunding the wars. She is strongly in support of Israel and a strong military, but often libertarians say this while at the same time rejecting foreign wars of aggression since the two are not mutually exclusive.

I would bet she just might vote against war funding given her fiscal/constitutional stance.