Disclose Act = End Of Free Speech

Nothing ceases to amaze me any longer.

When the Washington Post is criticizing a Democrat bill, you know it’s something especially awful.

The WaPo reports:

Since Democrats would effectively neuter the court’s decision by requiring the names of multiple donors to be recited in ads (thus shrinking the time spent on actual speech), requiring the CEO of a corporate donor to personally appear in campaign-related ads, expanding the coverage period to virtually the entire election year, and including myriad other rules that the NRA described last month as “byzantine” and an “arbitrary patchwork of reporting and disclosure requirements.

The NRA’s wheel-squeaking bought it an exemption from those requirements. Tea Party organizations arising spontaneously since 2009? Out of luck. Online organizations with large e-mail followings but perhaps no formal dues structure? Forget it.

The outrageousness of government is so over-the-top that I grow weary of even commenting on it.