EU: Retirement Age Must Be Raised

The thieves and liars have come up with a new lie to placate you as they suck down $100.00 bottles of wine with your stolen tax dollars.

The criminals are claiming that people who are living longer are causing a drain on the system.


What’s causing a drain on the system is a bunch of criminal looters sucking the cream off the top of the public retirement trusts.

What’s causing a drain on the system is a bunch of criminal looters destroying the economy by manipulating interest rates for their own personal gain, causing a massive misallocation of resources.

What’s causing a drain on the system is a bunch of criminal looters spending your money on running every aspect of your life, waging unending war, and enslaving your children to debt.

That’s what’s causing a drain.

Mildly longer life spans have absolutely nothing to do with it.

Anyone that isn’t a total idiot knows the longer money stays in a trust, the more interest it will accrue.

RTE reports:

European governments must consider raising the retirement age in their countries to ease pressure on public finances and prevent the explosion of their pension systems, the European Commission has said.

Weak growth, ballooning national debts and higher unemployment ‘have made it harder’ for all systems to make good on pension promises, the Commission says in a document to be presented Wednesday.

‘Ensuring that the time spent in retirement does not continue to increase compared to time spent working would support adequacy and sustainability,’ says the ‘green paper’ on pension systems.

‘This means increasing the age at which one stops working and draws a pension,’ it says.

‘Prolonging working lives to reflect continuous gains in life expectancy over time would bring a double dividend: higher living standards and more sustainable pensions,’ the Commission says.

What they really want is for you to die early.

Since the looters get to keep everything you have labored to produce if you are single when you die, they want you dead.  They want you to work until you are 65, then for you to drop dead.  They want your money.  They want you as slaves. They don’t want to give you a dime of what you have worked for all your life.

When will you people learn?

What will it take for you to finally figure out that the government is not your friend?

What will it take for you to believe in yourself enough to manage your own retirement funds?

Why are you so afraid of responsibility?


Why do you demand to be robbed every day of your life?