Peter Schiff Unloads On Government Corruption – 12 July 2010

Peter Schiff is an investment firm manager that is running for the US Senate seat in Connecticut.

He was previously Ron Paul’s campaign economics advisor and is a well versed Austrian economist. Peter was one of the few economists to accurately predict the economic collapse and explain all of the reasons the collapse occurred BEFORE the collapse took place. You can watch a video that highlights his predictions here. The video has nearly 2 million views.

In this 40 minute interview, Schiff details many of the problems that caused the financial collapse and the proper strategies for dealing with it now that it has happened.

Schiff also clarifies his stance on military interventionism. Some of you may remember him making some fairly hawkish statements in the past which caused him some grief among the hardcore libertarians that most closely align themselves with his political and economic views.

He is, unequivocally, against the on going wars.

If you’ve never heard of Peter before or haven’t listened to him speak, you really should take the time to listen to this interview. You’ll learn a lot about basic economics and how businesses use the power of government to wage war against the people.