Columbia University President: Journalism Needs Government Help

The intractable communist Lee C. Bollinger has written an editorial piece for the Wall Street Journal declaring that corporate news networks need to be publicly funded and that our State Department run foreign news propaganda networks need to be allowed to broadcast INSIDE America.

The communist Bollinger whines:

To me a key priority is to strengthen our public broadcasting role in the global arena. In today’s rapidly globalizing and interconnected world, other countries are developing a strong media presence. In addition to the BBC, there is China’s CCTV and Xinhua news, as well as Qatar’s Al Jazeera. The U.S. government’s international broadcasters, like Voice of America and Radio Free Europe, were developed during the Cold War as tools of our anticommunist foreign policy. In a sign of how anachronistic our system is in a digital age, these broadcasters are legally forbidden from airing within the U.S.

This system needs to be revised and its resources consolidated and augmented with those of NPR and PBS to create an American World Service that can compete with the BBC and other global broadcasters. The goal would be an American broadcasting system with full journalistic independence that can provide the news we need. Let’s demonstrate great journalism’s essential role in a free and dynamic society.

Of course, Bollinger doesn’t mention the reason why VoA is forbidden from broadcasting inside America is because it’s a State disinformation and propaganda service operated by our intelligence community.  It was created to broadcast pro-American propaganda into foreign countries in an effort to bolster America’s State image and undermine support for existing regimes.

It is America’s version of the Soviet State owned Pravada news service.  Bollinger isn’t a total idiot, he knows full well what the VoA represents and what its purpose is.

Wiki notes:

In 1946, Voice of America was transferred to the jurisdiction of the Department of State.

In 1947, VOA started broadcasting in Russian with the intent to counter more harmful instances of Soviet propaganda directed against American leaders and policies.[20]The Soviet Union responded by initiating aggressive, electronic jamming of VOA broadcasts on 24 April 1949.[20]

In the early 1980s, VOA began a $1.3 billion rebuilding program to improve broadcast with better technical capabilities. Also in the 1980s, VOA also added a television service, as well as special regional programs to Cuba, Radio Martí and TV Martí. Cuba has consistently attempted to jam such broadcasts and has vociferously protested U.S. broadcasts directed at Cuba.

So two foreign countries have actually taken direct action to JAM the VoA transmissions from coming into their countries.  The reason why should be clear.  It’s a State Department run propaganda tool. notes:

The battle for hearts and minds goes on in earnest in Iraq, Iran and Pakistan, and television is the official weapon of choice. Reuters reports that the U.S.’s venerable propaganda outlet, Voice of America, is planning to expand its Persian-language TV offerings in Iran to a four-hour daily broadcast. A U.S.-funded satellite channel, Alhurra , is also slated to begin beaming its programming into the homes of European Muslims this fall.

“What we propose to do is exactly what Radio Free Europe, Voice of America and Radio Liberty did in the Cold War, and that is provide a window on the world,” said Kenneth Tomlinson, chairman of the Broadcasting Board of Governors.

Allowing the Voice of America to broadcast inside the US is insane.  The notion is so utterly ridiculous that I have a hard time comprehending why Wall Street Journal even ran the editorial piece.  At least the public is not so stupid; nearly every comment on the story expressed utter outrage at the idea.

Bollinger, who must either live in La La Land or be a total die hard communist, goes on to say that simply allowing VoA to broadcast inside America isn’t enough!  Tax payer dollars must be handed to private broadcast networks to publicly fund the news!

He wants ALL the news outlets to operate like the Soviet Pravada and the VoA.

We are living in Orwell’s 1984.

By the way, this guy is responsible for teaching your children.