Fox News: Al Franken Won His Senate Seat Because Of Felons


Leave it to criminals to vote for criminals:

The six month vote recount in the Senate race was a torturous process. The morning after November 4, 2008 election, Senator Norm Coleman lead Al Franken by 725 votes. Correcting for typos cut Coleman’s margin to 215, and a recount by all the counties reduced it further to 192.

Once the state canvassing board had looked into the intent of voters and counted 953 previously rejected absentee ballots, the final total had reversed that count and handed Franken a 312 vote victory.

This should not be a surprise, especially after the results of the Minnesota Majority study. With this small number of votes separating the two candidates even just hundreds of illegal voters can alter the outcome. By any measure, felons overwhelmingly vote for Democrats.

It makes sense that parasites would vote for other parasites considering that democrats and felons share the same view of property rights.

You work hard to produce something good, they use violence to take it from you.

Given the narrow margins in the Senate needed to block passage of tyrannical bills, one has to consider it ironic that the fate of our country was decided by a handful of literal felons from Minnesota.